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As a coach, a coveted moment is getting your first client. It is something you dream about once the very idea of starting your business comes into your mind and you know deep down inside that this is what you are meant to do.

But so many coaches get discouraged when their calendars don’t fill up with client calls five minutes after they launch their website. Just because you have a website and gorgeous photography, it doesn’t mean people should work with you. Being a coach requires you to be incredibly mindful of all aspects of serving potential clients and to be prepared for the work you are about to do. So let’s get to it, shall we?

Be clear with your messaging.

When we’re clear with our messaging, others will be as well. And it will be so easy for them to make the right choice.

Imagine this situation: You meet someone at a networking event and they ask what you do. How long does it take for you to respond? How do you feel? Nervous or confident?

Knowing who you help and how is a simple way to check in. Fill in the blanks: I help “WHO” do “WHAT.”

To figure out who you help, think about the person you feel called to serve. What do they do and what transformation are they looking for? Being too broad can make your messaging unclear and difficult to grasp. Don’t be afraid to simplify. In fact, I encourage it. If you’ve been marketing yourself generically to prevent leaving anyone out, you’re making a big mistake. In my experience, taking your niche from helping everyone to a specific group of people will draw in clients quickly and easily.

A great example would be a coach who wants to help everyone start their online business. The “who” and the “what” are much too broad. If we approach our coaching businesses as specialists, then it may become easier to pick something and go with it. You wouldn’t go to a general practitioner if you had a problem with your vision right? You would go to a specialist who clearly focuses on that one area.

Becoming a specialist in your niche clears away the confusion when it comes to communicating with potential clients. There’s no grey area and it’s much easier to be known as the authority in your niche.

Let’s get into the “what” now. Clients invest in transformations. And that transformation better be clear and impactful. In your own words, think about what they wish they could have. If you waived a magic wand and they could have one thing, what would that be? That is your “what.” When you make simple changes like this, it makes tasks like writing copy and speaking about your business so much easier.

Meet them where they are.

Knowing where your potential clients are hanging out on social media is important. An easy way to figure this out is to really tune into your dream client. What is the first application that they open in the morning? Where do they spend most of their time? Is that where you are as well?

If you are unsure, test it out. Give each platform that you feel your client is on a few weeks of special attention. Take note of the types of followers you have and the engagement. At the end of the testing period, if you’re able, look at the analytics of your website and determine which platform referred the most people.

Have these four elements in place.

• A one-on-one coaching sales page: Give your clients more than a few paragraphs or a contact page to learn more about your services. They are on your site because they’re looking for an answer to their problem. They’re looking for a way to achieve their goals and are tired of doing it on their own. They need and deserve to know that you get them. They need to feel like you’re speaking their language and that you have a sense of what they’re going through. Tap into their struggles and do not be afraid to go deep. Feelings are decision makers and when clients see that you’ve been where they are now and you know how they feel, it builds trust.

• Coaching packages: I recommend creating three different coaching packages to choose from. So, instead of potential clients having to make a “yes or no” decision (if you just have one package to choose from), it’s a “which package should I choose?” decision. People appreciate options.

• An application: If you are giving website visitors full access to your calendar to book a call, you are wasting your time and lowering your clients’ conversion rate. Instead, make them apply. When you screen your applicants, you are able to have full control over who you get on the phone with and that means no more tire kickers, no more “let me think about it” and no more free coaching. Your application should ask for any info you need to make your decision. Don’t be afraid to ask them if they are willing to make an investment.

• An on-boarding process: Having a full onboarding process will serve you in the most positive way when you get your first “yes.” There is a lot of excitement when a client signs on so anticipate these steps in advance and write down everything it will take to on-board your clients. Create a master workflow that you can refer to time and time again. This will save you a lot of time and will help you avoid missing any major steps.

Booking clients is not just about having a website. It’s what’s inside that counts. Being mindful of these things will take you from a place of overwhelm and frustration to feeling fully confident and ready to serve your dream clients.

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