How To Attract Coaching Clients Online Using Chat | Taki Moore

How To Attract Coaching Clients Online Using Chat | Taki Moore

Can you really sell $5,000 coaching packages through online chat? Yes, and marketing expert Taki Moore reveals how! In this interview, he shares his proven method to attract and convert clients using social media, so you can finally grow your online coaching business.


02:10 – How Taki Moore & Million Dollar Coach Got Started;
06:27 – Key Distinctions in Sales & Marketing;
10:38 – Sell By Chat: The Proven Method For Selling Through Chat;
21:15 – 5-Step Chat Flow;
29:21 – The Real Question Behind Chat Conversations;
35:50 – The Big Opportunity that Lies Ahead for Coaches.

Taki Moore is a renowned coach, marketing expert, author, and the creator of the world’s #1 marketing system for coaches & consultants. If you’re breaking six figures and looking to move to the magic seven-figure mark, then his Million Dollar Coach community is designed specifically for you. Find out more about it here:
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