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Fitness for All: Are you worth it? | Simone Robinson | [email protected]

Fitness for All: Are you worth it? | Simone Robinson | TEDxYouth@Frisco

This talk is a candid account of the journey we often all take to define whether we’re worth the life, time, and care we deserve. From the lens of a plus-size teen learning her place in this world, this talk is jam-packed with stories, lessons, and moments of growth that led to the all-important question, “Am I worth the fight?”
Simone is an 18-year-old originally from Kansas City, MO but is now thriving in the great state of Texas! Dance has been a part of her journey ever since she can remember and with 16 years under her belt, she will continue her dance career at Dallas Baptist University as a member of the DBU Patreittes. With a degree in early childhood education on the horizon, Simone plans to further her knowledge and passion for children as she enters into the education field working as a school counselor. At 17, Simone founded her social media platform “Fit For More” as an outlet for plus size teens and teens in general to get information about staying healthy as well as motivational moments to keep them going on their journey of life. Simone also devotes a large part of her time to her church community serving her peers as well as the youth ministry and later plans to work in ministry. She leads a legacy of passion for what you do, kindness for all you meet, and love for the ultimate Savior. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at