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How To Coach Yourself With These 5 Effective Techniques | Marisa Peer

How to coach yourself with these 5 effective techniques and change your life as well as your client’s. We’re breaking down renowned behavioral expert and therapist Marisa Peer’s episode from Coaching Mastery where she reveals 5 powerful self-coaching techniques everyone can use. Watch this whole Coaching Mastery episode (plus many more) for free! Get Your […]

Master YouTube To Grow Your Coaching Business (FAST!) | Sunny Lenarduzzi

Master YouTube to grow your coaching business with these proven and effective YouTube tips. In this episode of The Business of Coaching Podcast, social media rockstar Sunny Lenarduzzi reveals everything you need to know about how to start a YouTube channel, how to grow on YouTube fast, and how to increase your reach, impact, and […]

An engineering approach to foster women in STEM | Sierin Lim | TEDxNTU

Several studies, statistical analyses and even general observations highlight the fact that the number of women in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), is relatively lower than that of their male counterparts; the troubling ratio being consistent across the globe. In such a scenario, the need to identify the root causes behind […]

Cultural Collisions: do we fight or flex? | Adirupa Sengupta | TEDxNTU

In this day and age, people are increasingly identifying themselves as global citizens, crossing geographical boundaries with ease in pursuit of their ambitions and careers. The ability to appreciate, accept and maybe even, internalize different cultures is vital. As individuals, we experience the world around us in our own unique way. So, when cultures collide […]