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5 Key Business Trends Today You Need To Know About

The world has changed and so has business. There are 5 key business trends shaping the world today and businesses need support navigating the change. Discover the proven coach-consultant methodology to start coaching small and mid-sized businesses right away: Key Highlights: 0:00 The New Business Reality 2:49 Business Trend #1 4:37 Business Trend #2 […]

We need to reset democracy | Max Rashbrooke | TEDxAuckland

Our current democratic system is like a twentieth-century computer trying to run twenty-first century programmes. We need to upgrade our system, drawing on our untapped abilities as citizens. Things like citizens’ assemblies and crowdsourcing laws are the way of the future – mechanisms that allow us, as ordinary individuals, to step up and take a […]

Let’s Have a Conversation… | Phillip Attmore | TEDxWinchester

Let’s have a conversation is a short film created especially for TEDxWinchester showing the connection and communication between people using sound and movement. Phillip Attmore is an artist, actor, composer, choreographer, catalyst and visionary who has been dancing, singing, and acting since the age of three. Phillip currently lives in New York, Having worked in […]

Why Falling Helps Us Rise | David Millar | TEDxWarwick

Amidst the creation of a legacy of excellence, David Millar’s fall from grace was legendary as he became suspended for doping in 2004. Following the scandal, David was determined to become a courageous force for good within the sporting world, becoming a vocal anti-doping campaigner. David’s tremendous story offers insight into how falling the furthest […]

WHEN YOU CAN’T GO ON – Powerful Motivational Speech Video (Featuring Joe De Sena)

WHEN YOU CAN’T GO ON! When you find yourself stuck, frozen, tired, broken, when you can’t take another step, watch this. Powerful new Motivational Speech spoken by Spartan Race Founder Joe De Sena. This video was created in partnership with Spartan Race and Spartan Founder Joe De Sena. Sign up for your first race today: […]