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Perhaps you are normal | Trond Magne Hegglund | TEDxStavanger

Trond meets many patients who are confused about life, especially youngsters, who are confused about not being happy enough, perfect enough. Why ? the Hunter-Gatherer genes is at play ! Trond grew up by Haraldstøtta so close to the coast in Haugesund that love of the ocean came automatically. His playground was only interrupted by […]

Power is not given to you, you have to take it ! | Yrja Oftedal | TEDxStavanger

Yrja is a young entrepreneur and podcaster, and she always felt like a misfit, she could not find any role models or motivations in her own environment, then she found the startup communities, and went to Silicon Valley….. Yrja is an award-winning podcaster. With her podcast “Power Ladies”, she showcases women who stand out in […]

Where they are | Per Ivar Selvaag | TEDxStavanger

Per Ivar designed has designed supercars, now he designs Human Processes in Norway’s biggest oil company, and collects memories from an Island in Norway where he grew up. He meets them where they are… Per Ivar Selvaag is a Norwegian designer and the Head Of Design at Equinor. Per has worked in 6 countries and […]

EXCELLENCE – One of the Greatest Motivational Speech Videos Ever (Success) HD

EXCELLENCE! Best motivational speech video of 2020 featuring new speeches from Walter Bond, Marcus Taylor and Coach Pain. This video was created in collaboration with and made possible by the UAE Nation Brand Project. Once a month we’ll be bringing you motivational videos like this one featuring inspiring speeches from some of the world’s best […]

WHEN IT HURTS – Best Motivational Video Speeches Compilation (Coach Pain FULL ALBUM 1 HOUR)

WHEN IT HURTS! The Full 1 Hour Long Motivational Speech Album by Motiversity and Coach Pain is OUT NOW! Download it on all platforms: ▶Download or stream the debut album of Coach Pain All platforms: Spotify: Apple Music: Thank you so much for your support over the past 2 years! We […]