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Pagico 9 brings all your tasks and files together to simplify your life. And it’s only $25. 

TLDR: Pagico 9 is the smart, intuitive task management system that goes beyond a to-do list — and it’s 50% off. Toni Morrison liked to get up and start writing before dawn. Meanwhile, Winston Churchill seldom got out of bed before 11 a.m., preferring to do the majority of his work during late-night hours.   The […]

How scientists discovered a math equation in rat whiskers

Rats have up to 70 whiskers on their faces, varying hugely in size, and shape. Almost every mammal possesses whiskers, but these rodents are what we call “whisker specialists,” meaning they have super-sensitive, moveable hairs that they use to explore and sense their surroundings. Rat whiskers can vary hugely. In our recent research, my colleagues […]

Digital Marketing News: Micro-Influencer Trends, LinkedIn Adds Interactive Tools, Strong Online Ad Spending, & Google’s Cookie Drop

U.S. Advertising and Marketing Spend to Grow to Nearly $390 Billion in 2020Marketing and advertising spending in the U.S. is set for strong growth during 2020, according to newly-released forecast data showing a high-point of nearly $390 billion, representing a 7.2 percent increase from 2019, while online ad spend is expected to grow even more, […]

Break Free B2B Series: Carol-Lyn Jardine and Heather Hurst on Effectively Managing Change in B2B Marketing

The more things change, the more they stay the same. This phrase is often uttered with a negative connotation, but incidentally, it also represents an aspirational ideal for B2B marketing managers and leaders.  In an environment that is constantly shifting, brands and agencies are tasked with navigating uncertainty while remaining steadfast in their pursuit of […]