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Liderazgo, Mercadeo y Gerencia

How to Fight Discrimination in AI

Executive Summary Ensuring that your AI algorithm doesn’t unintentionally discriminate against particular groups is a complex undertaking. What makes it so difficult in practice is that it is often extremely challenging to truly remove all proxies for protected classes. Determining what constitutes unintentional discrimination at a statistical level is also far from straightforward. So what should companies […]

The Pandemic is Motivating 96% of New Entrepreneurs in 2020

Ninety-six percent of new entrepreneurs say the pandemic is motivating or giving them the motivation they needed to start their own business. This positive statistic comes from Azlo, a banking platform for small business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. In mid-March 2020, Azlo witnessed an uptick in new accounts opening. Wanting to understand the reasons behind […]

Ancient Warfare | Myths and Monsters | Reel Truth History Documentaries

An exploration of the stories that have gripped European imaginations for centuries, revealing the fascinating and unexpected history behind them. The violent story of Romulus and Remus, the brutal Vikings and the Valkyries, the Trojan War, exploring the influence of Homer’s Iliad on Alexander the Great, and 15th Century Romania with its bloodthirsty ruler, Vlad […]

Foreign Phrases That English Speakers Don’t Understand

In this video, we will be looking at phrases, idioms, and expressions in foreign languages which don’t make sense to English speakers. Find us here too! Patreon: Lucinox – Our Science Channel: Instagram: @Fire_of_Learning Twitter: @Fire_Learning Fig Leaf Times Two performed by Kevin Macleod Available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license. […]