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Leadership and HR Management Trending News

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Leadership and HR Management Trending News

Here’s Why Your Coaching Business Isn’t Working – Yet!

There are 3 main reasons why your coaching business isn’t working just yet. Find out how to overcome these challenges and build a successful coaching business – fast! Key Highlights: 00:43 – Reason #1: Focus On Building Your Competence; 06:38 – Reason #2: How To Work On Your Confidence; 10:36 – Reason #3: Why Self-Trust […]

LA MEDIA DORADA (Aristóteles) – Filosofía MOTIVACIONAL: “La Virtud está en el Término MEDIO”

Aristóteles dijo: "la virtud está en el término medio". ¿Qué quiere decir esta frase? En este vídeo de filosofía motivacional, te explicaré en profundidad la ética del filósofo griego (eudaimonia, areté, aurea mediocritas, etc.). Asimismo, proporcionaré varios ejemplos acerca de virtudes en moderación (valentía, templanza, generosidad, ambición, compostura…) sacados de su obra "Ética a Nicómaco". […]

Manifest Your Dream Life & Business With The Creator Practice

The first step to create your dream life and business is to visualize it. Try this simple yet powerful creative practice to create and attract your dream life, and make it your reality. Key Highlights: 0:07 – Ajit’s Story; 3:12 – How To Create Your Dream Life; 7:39 – The Creator Practice; 19:39 – Your […]

COVID-19 Through The Lens Of My Experience With The HIV/AIDS Pandemic | Trudy Larson | TEDxReno

In the fall of 1981, Dr. Trudy Larson an Infectious Disease Fellow at UCLA on the frontline as the HIV/AIDS pandemic started in the United States. In this talk recorded on June 15, 2020, Dr. Larson discusses how the lessons she learned from that pandemic inform her perspective of the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Larson reminds […]

Toda Quinta (music performance) | Marissol Mwaba | TEDxSaoPaulo

Toda Quinta (composição Marissol Mwaba) Marissol Mwaba criou esta música para o TEDxSãoPaulo 2020. Ela gravou na casa dela durante o isolamento social devido ao Covid-19. Ela gravou 9 vezes, criou uma performance em formato de mosaico e surpreendeu todos os participantes do evento com o seu talento e voz maravilhosa. Toda Quinta (Every Thursday) […]