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Leadership and HR Management Trending News

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Leadership and HR Management Trending News

How To Attract Coaching Clients Online Using Chat | Taki Moore

Can you really sell $5,000 coaching packages through online chat? Yes, and marketing expert Taki Moore reveals how! In this interview, he shares his proven method to attract and convert clients using social media, so you can finally grow your online coaching business. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: 02:10 – How Taki Moore & Million Dollar Coach Got […]

Getting to Know Your Customers: 13 Most Valuable Bits of Data to Collect

One of the most significant elements in helping a business get to know its customers is their data. Over recent years, consumers have started to take notice of how businesses use their data. While many aren’t bothered, a few are against a company getting its hands on their information. As a result, they are averse […]

Verizon and Samsung Introduce “Most Affordable” 5G Phone for Business

The Samsung A71 5G UW launched on July 16. Starting at $649, the device is hailed as Verizon’s cheapest 5G smartphone to date. The A71 5G UW boasts a 6.7-inch Super AMOLED infinity display, Quad Cameras, and a long battery life. Verizon and Samsung Release Affordable 5G Phone for Small Business 5G – fifth generation […]

What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted: Rejuvenating Hearts | Georgina Ellison | TEDxRoyalTunbridgeWells

Can the heart regenerate new heart cells? Biomedical Scientist Georgina Ellison-Hughes, says that it can, but its regenerative ability declines with age and disease. She offers a personal touch to her journey of discovering the regenerative potential of the adult heart and describes the use of senolytics to rejuvenate heart repair and regeneration, enabling people […]

Por que acredito na Educação como ferramenta de protagonismo? | Patrícia Barreto | TEDxAltodoMouraED

A Educação pode, e deve, ser o meio através do qual pessoas aprendem a se tornar protagonistas de suas próprias histórias. Foi assim com Patrícia, professora que com o projeto "Argument(ação): protagonismo juvenil", convidou seus estudantes a refletirem sobre problemas sociais enfrentados. Patrícia Barreto, vencedora do Prêmio Educador Nota 10 de 2019, é pernambucana, esposa […]