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Leadership and HR Management Trending News

Safeguarding Cyberspace | Ritesh Bhatia | [email protected]

NOTE FROM TED: This talk discusses sensitive topics around sexual exploitation. TEDx events are independently organized by volunteers. The guidelines we give TEDx organizers are described in more detail here: During the lockdown, cases of sextortion on cyberspace have increased exponentially. A concept that was seemingly unheard of in the past is now one […]

How To Speak The Language of Mental Health | Alejandro Serrano Saunders | TEDxUniversityofGlasgow

Alejandro is a mental health advocate and associate researcher of clinical psychology at the University of Glasgow. He believes in the power of open communication and mental health literacy, which come together to help us learn the language of mental health. Through this, he has founded I Speak Mental Health, a startup dedicated to support […]

How Green Is Your Software?

Illustration by Ricardo Tomás Without doubt, software is the backbone of virtually all the intelligent solutions designed to support the environment. It’s critical, for example, in efforts to tackle deforestation and reduce emissions. In many instances, however, software is also part and parcel of a rapidly growing carbon footprint. In fact, recent and proliferating digital […]

Is VR the Future of Corporate Training?

Executive Summary VR is increasingly being used to help train employees to do their jobs. Over the past year, especially, the Covid-19 pandemic has precipitated the need for virtual training applications. For example, VR is being used to train employees in “soft skills” to improve customer service and managerial skills. These use cases have a […]

SAMURAI ll: Spirit of the Warrior – Greatest Warrior Quotes Ever

SAMURAI ll: Spirit of the Warrior. Greatest Warrior Quotes EVER! This is the second video of a new Motiversity series featuring Life Changing Warrior Quotes. Motivational speech and explanations spoken by Marcus "Elevation" Taylor. Quotes from Musashi Miyamoto, acclaimed samurai warrior and sword saint. "The truth is not what you want it to be, it […]