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The loss of privilege | Thomas Owen | TEDxAuckland

Thomas Owen’s research examines what happens to people during the process of privilege loss. The privileges attached to age, race, gender, physical and mental wellness, sexual orientation, languages spoken, and citizenships held – among others – are often invisible to us until we lose them. So how do we respond when a relative balance of […]

Move on toYour Next Game | Victor Liu | [email protected]

As a "geek", Victor Liu is quite good in the gaming industry. As many people play games, he designs internet games and sees how the gaming system works to promote player’s interest. Victor Liu is a computer game creator. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized […]

Freelancer Equals to Jobless? | Wen Chuan Cai | [email protected]

Wen Chuan Cai is a freelancer. In his speech, he would like to set an example of people who want to lead of life of their own will. He shares with the audience how to be set up clear goals in starting up his own business and make their own personal branding. A free lancer. […]

Disrupt Your Own Business First

Already a member? Sign in Not a member? Sign up today Member Free 3 Free Articles per month, $6.95/article thereafter. Free newsletter. Subscriber $75/Year Unlimited digital content, quaterly magazine, free newsletter, entire archive. Sign me up Image courtesy of Harry Campbell/ The coronavirus pandemic has reminded business leaders of some unsettling truths: that all assumptions […]