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CONTROLAR la ANSIEDAD (Parte 2) – 7 Técnicas para Calmar los NERVIOS, el ESTRÉS y el MIEDO

Controlar la ansiedad nunca ha sido una tarea sencilla. Estas 7 técnicas para calmar los nervios, el estrés, el miedo y la obsesión te ayudarán a vencer a la ansiedad definitivamente en cualquiera de sus formas (trastorno de ansiedad generalizada, trastorno de pánico, fobia específica, fobia social o agorafobia). A continuación, mi intención es explicar […]

Key Differences Between Life Coaching vs Therapy

Life Coaching vs Therapy: What’s the difference? In this video, we’re making crystal clear what a life coach does and what’s the difference between life coaching and therapy. If you’re wondering how to be a life coach, sign up for our free masterclass: KEY HIGHLIGHTS: 00:47 – Who hires a life coach?; 01:52 – […]

Modern Business Models Will Drive the Post-Pandemic World

Topics The AI & Machine Learning Imperative “The AI & Machine Learning Imperative” offers new insights from leading academics and practitioners in data science and artificial intelligence. The Executive Guide, published as a series over three weeks, explores how managers and companies can overcome challenges and identify opportunities by assembling the right talent, stepping up […]

Navigating the fake news world | Mina Soltangheis | TEDxChandigarh

Internet came with the promise of connecting humanity but it’s turning into an uncontrolled beast. With the rising fake news, it’s so easy to instigate people and create mass uprisings. How can we tackle this? Is it possible to separate facts from fiction? Mina Soltangheis has figured out the answer. She is a Computer Scientist […]