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Dr. Shefali Tsabary | Why We Need Conscious Parenting Coaching

Watch this insightful conversation with conscious parenting expert Dr. Shefali Tsabary on how to coach parents and what we could do as coaches to create better results for our clients. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: 01:46 – Dr. Shefali’s journey into conscious parenting; 06:05 – We are all parents to our inner child; 11:33 – How we are […]

EPICUREÍSMO: Filosofía del PLACER y DOLOR – El Hedonismo de Epicuro y la Gratificación Instantánea

El epicureísmo es una filosofía fundada por Epicuro alrededor del año 307 a.C. cuya máxima fundamental es que la felicidad se alcanza por medio del placer. Ahora bien, su búsqueda puede resultar mucho más complicada de lo que parece, pues no todo placer debe ser perseguido y no todo dolor debe ser evitado. ¿Serás capaz […]

Play As A Right For All Children: From K Through 16 | Gina Miele & Debbie Piescor | [email protected]

Uninterrupted time for free play is essential to developing critical thinkers, problem solvers, and intellectually flexible learners. Journey along with educators Gina Miele and Debbie Piescor as they explore the concept of rebuilding the bridge of critical thinking and problem solving from nursery age to university level. Filmed on May 30, 2019. Dr. Gina M. […]