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3 Ways to Improve Sales Forecasts When the Future Is Unclear

Executive Summary The economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic has made it difficult for sales teams to set forecasts — at the same time they’re under increased pressure to hit their targets. The authors recommend three practices to help improve the accuracy of sales forecasts during uncertain times: 1) Increase the granularity of your analysis […]

Are You Offering the Mental Health Benefits Your BIPOC Employees Need?

Executive Summary Many companies have pledged to better support their BIPOC employees, particularly when it comes to mental health. To do this well, they must offer services that meet the unique mental health needs of those employees and a one-size-fits-all mental health program doesn’t work, especially since people of color are less likely to seek […]

Crypto exchange volume data is becoming more reliable — but it’s still far from perfect

The Blockchain Transparency Institute, or BTI, has published its market data integrity report for 2020. This report found a threefold improvement in the quality of data on veteran crypto rankings site, CoinMarketCap.  “Only 31% of the [CoinMarketCap] top 25 is being wash traded compared to over 90% just 1 year ago, a 3x improvement with […]

🔴My Personal 10x-100x Cryptocurrency Investing Strategy! Bitcoin & Crypto Will Make MILLIONAIRES!

Let’s discuss the latest events in the Bitcoin sphere and my personal investment strategy. And you, what is your strategy? Let us know in the comment section and hit Share, Like and Subscribe for more cryptocurrency news! 🔴Get 20% off a Ledger Nano WITH THIS LINK! 👇… Altcoin Daily, the best cryptocurrency news media […]