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Why technology assurances are a must for crafting EU crypto regulation

When Malta set out to provide a regulatory framework for the cryptocurrency sector, policymakers and advisers recognized how blockchain, distributed ledger technology and smart contracts, as well as related technologies, imposed new challenges to providing consumer protection and to fitting within existing legal structures. Immutability of data — and subsequently code, or rather smart contracts […]

5 Tips for Inspiring Leadership

Guest post from Karlin Sloan: As a leadership development consultant, I have spent my career with people in business, NGOs, government, and not-for-profits who are focused, competent, talented and who have adeep sense of their personal power to impact those around them.  Recently, those same people are having doubts. They doubt their ability to lead […]

Mastermind Analytics from AppZen Provides Big and Small Picture on Spending

AppZen has announced the launch of Mastermind Analytics, its Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven audit solution. AppZen’s expense report auditing solution combines computer vision, deep learning, and natural language processing to automate expense report auditing and detect intentional and accidental compliance issues and fraud.   Mastermind Analytics provides a complete overview of individual transactions as well as […]