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How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin | Como Comprar y Vender Bitcoins

Buy and Sell Bitcoins What Altcoins Cryptocurrencies Buy | Que Criptomonedas Comprar?: An altcoin is any digital cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin. The term is said to stand for “alternative to Bitcoin” and is used describe any cryptocurrency that is not a Bitcoin. Altcoins are created by diverging from Bitcoin consensus rules (the fundamental rules of the cryptocurrency’s network) […]

Researchers unlock access to pain relief potential of cannabis

Researchers unlock access to pain relief potential of cannabis University of Guelph researchers are the first to uncover how the cannabis plant creates important pain-relieving molecules that are 30 times more powerful at reducing inflammation than Aspirin. The discovery unlocks the potential to create a naturally derived pain treatment that would offer potent relief without the risk […]

Why you must Play the Lottery

Why you must Play the Lottery by Juan Rodulfo Why you must Play the Lottery When talking about lottery we will find different approaches and depending on how we were raised we will have the conservative one: “Lottery is for losers” or the affirmative one: “Who plays the Lottery deserves to win”. Why you must […]

Como publicar y vender un LIbro en Amazon KDP Kindle Direct Publishing

Como publicar un Libro Gratis en Amazon KDP Autopublique sus eBooks y libros de tapa blanda de manera gratuita a través de Kindle Direct Publishing y llegue a millones de lectores en Amazon. Ponga su libro a la venta. La publicación digital es rápida y su libro se venderá en Kindle en todo el mundo. […]

How to Donate to Help on Venezuela’s Humanitarian Crisis

Venezuela Crisis Venezuela Crisis In Venezuela today, no independent government institutions remain to act as a check on executive power. The Venezuelan government—under Maduro and previously under Chávez—has stacked the courts with judges who make no pretense of independence. The government has been repressing dissent through often-violent crackdowns on street protests, jailing opponents, and prosecuting […]