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To Succeed in a Negotiation, Help Your Counterpart Save Face

Executive Summary Three very different case studies — involving hostages in Afghanistan, a suicidal man in Calgary, and a tug-of-war between Brazilian and French businessmen — point to the importance of  face, or reputation, in negotiations. To help you and your negotiating partners succeed, it is important to recognize why face matters, map out all the players […]

Feel-Good Messaging Won’t Always Motivate Your Employees

Executive Summary When a company wants to change employee behavior — especially when that change will benefit both society and the company’s bottom line — what’s the best community strategy? While using prosocial motivation (for example, “this will help the environment”) may seem like a win-win, new research suggests that a more banal type of motivation (“this […]

Industrial Digitalization During the Pandemic and Beyond – SPONSOR CONTENT FROM SIEMENS

Sponsored by Siemens Digital Industries Software Comprehensive Digital Twins, Flexible Apps, Open Ecosystems – And Putting Humans First Like the rest of you, we at Siemens Digital Industries Software have spent much of 2020 learning new ways of working (from home), collaborating with colleagues, and supporting customers. A division of Siemens, we are a global […]

EXCELLENCE – One of the Greatest Motivational Speech Videos Ever (Success) HD

EXCELLENCE! Best motivational speech video of 2020 featuring new speeches from Walter Bond, Marcus Taylor and Coach Pain. This video was created in collaboration with and made possible by the UAE Nation Brand Project. Once a month we’ll be bringing you motivational videos like this one featuring inspiring speeches from some of the world’s best […]