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88% of Small Business Owners Enjoy Business Travel

Some 88% of Small Business Owners (SBO) enjoy business travel according to the small business travel statistics in a new report by Capital One. As more travel is expected by businesses in 2020, the report offers insights on business travel among small businesses. Small Business Travel Statistics The latest small business travel statistics show that […]

Unexpected Companies Produce Some of the Best CEOs

Executive Summary It is tempting to assume that the largest academy companies like GE and McKinsey have an edge when it comes to developing talent. As part of ghSMART’s CEO Genome research, we discovered that some surprising companies produce remarkable numbers of CEOs. Moreover, the CEOs these companies produce tend to perform well, thanks in […]

Key Qualities of a Vibrant Culture Leader

Guest post by Colin D Ellis: People who are true leaders stand out. Others want to be around them because they know they’re worth following. But what qualities do these leaders have that make them exude such strength of character, while other supposed leaders fall short? According a leadership survey conducted by McKinsey, U.S. companies […]