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Digital Marketing News: B2B Marketplaces Study, Instagram’s New Branded Content Rules, Influencer Honesty, & Google’s New Browse By Photo

B2B Sellers: Marketplaces Are Here — Are You Ready?B2B buying and selling has changed alongside similar shifts that are being seen in consumer areas, and research firm Forrester takes a look at the new center of commerce that B2B marketplaces represent. Forrester Facebook quietly acquired a startup to build a live-shopping featureFacebook recently confirmed that […]

Our 10 Top Social Media Marketing Posts of 2019

Throughout 2019 social media marketing has continued to be a source of opportunity, change, and contention in the marketing world. We’ve done our best to keep on top of many industry changes as they happen, while also offering helpful insight and research-based strategy. We’re quite fortunate to a great group of social media marketing professionals […]

How to turn your social media savviness into a lucrative career

TLDR: The Become a Social Media Manager Certification Bundle can help you build a thriving freelance career for under $30. No one knows the job market like LinkedIn. So when they say listings for social media positions have risen over 1,300 percent since 2010, that means it’s a target-rich environment for those qualified to land […]

What we can do to make sure automation doesn’t negatively affect the work force

Artificial intelligence and automation are continuing to drill deeper into our society. In the business industry, companies are now utilizing the voice recognition provided by intelligent personal assistants such as Alexa, Cortana, and Siri to speed up their tasks. In the transport industry, artificial intelligence is powering the upcoming self-driving cars and helps to manage […]

Hacer AMIGOS, Deshacer ENEMIGOS – ¿Cómo Alcanzar la VERDADERA AMISTAD? (Con Sergio Antolín)

Hacer amigos es tan importante como deshacer enemigos. Si quieres saber cómo alcanzar la verdadera amistad o, por el contrario, si es hora de decir adiós a una persona tóxica, este es tu vídeo. Basándonos en "Infierno: Divina Comedia" de Dante Alighieri, Sergio Antolín y yo describimos los engranajes de la amistad. ¿Te unes? 🎙️Apoya […]