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How the Cofounder of Anytime Fitness Built 4,000 Locations

Most small business owners are never taught how to be a manager or a leader. As a result, they never learn to lead a team. And unless you can lead your team, you can never get the leverage required to build a big and profitable company. On the Small Business Radio Show this week, Chuck […]

Small Businesses Add 94,000 Jobs from December to January

The historic low unemployment and sustained job growth is continuing as 2020 begins the year with a bang. According to the January 2020 ADP Small Business Report, the private sector employment for the segment increased by 94,000 new jobs. January 2020 ADP Small Business Report Overall ADP is reporting a total of 291,000 jobs in […]

Don’t Just Memorize Your Next Presentation — Know It Cold

Executive Summary Knowing a script or presentation cold means taking the time to craft the words and sequence of what you plan to say, and then rehearsing them until you could recite them backwards if asked. It’s a more effective approach to public speaking than simple memorization or “winging it” because you plan not just […]

Are You Asking Too Much of Your Chief Data Officer?

twomeows/Getty Images Since the first chief data officer was appointed at Capital One in 2002, the role has been plagued by confusion about its purpose. Although surveys of large organizations by Randy’s firm NewVantage Partners show an overall increase in the prevalence of the role — climbing from 12% in 2012 to 68% in 2018, […]

Good Leaders Have Visions Their Team Can Actually SEE

Guest post from Lee Hartley Carter: Vision in leadership is essential.  We all know it.  And yet, while we often can answer the question generally with business plan answers, we can’t often paint a picture of what that vision looks like in practice.  Often vision is couched in goals such as growing revenue 20% in […]