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Cornish Hotel Renovation (Build A New Life In The Country) | Reel Truth History Documentary

Architect George Clarke revisits a London couple who sold their organic cafe in Brixton and spent a £1million bank loan converting a rundown Cornish hotel in St Ives into three houses, one of which was to be used as a designer B&B. To be the first to watch more full length documentaries, subscribe here: […]

MegaQuake: The Hour That Shook Japan | Reel Truth History Documentary

On March 11, 2011, a magnitude-9 earthquake shook northeastern Japan, unleashing a savage tsunami. Experience Japan’s earthquake and resulting tsunami through exclusive new footage and first person accounts from Sendai and Tokyo. Understand the mega-physics that rocked the Earth on its axis. Explore this most recent Ring of Fire cataclysm in relation to other recent […]

Petition backs Florida HS baseball coach fired for cursing after winning championship – Fox News

A petition created on Sunday is looking to reinstate a Florida high school baseball coach fired earlier this month after video was released of him cursing during the team’s championship celebration last year. Dr. Viola Posley, an alumnus of the high school, created the petition because she knows how much winning a state championship meant to […]

A Parent’s Guide: Who’s Coaching Your Kids? – KPRC Click2Houston

Investigates Houston – Do you know the people who are coaching your kids? We’ve seen a dizzying number of stories about the adults we trust with our kids being revealed as suspected sexual predators. “I mean you’re going to be trusting your children with these people you want to know who you’re trusting them with,” […]