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Añoranzas y otros Poemas Escogidos por Rodulfo Gonzalez

TIEMPO Es tiempo de vivir,de amar, de meditar,de volver nuestros ojoshacia viejos paisajes.2Es tiempo de crearun mundo sin fronteras,ciudadanos sin yugos,niños con libertad.3Es tiempo de pensaren un mundo sin guerras,en un mundo sin traumasde hambre, sed o miedo.4Es tiempo de gritaren el campo, en el ríomil dolientes protestas,mil ahogantes pesares.5Es tiempo de decirlas ocultas verdades,aunque […]


RARE COLLECTIBLES YOU’LL SEE ONLY AT THE BARBIE MUSEUM Visit: As the largest permanent exhibition of Barbies in the world, Barbie Expo boasts more than 1,000 variations of the doll. But that doesn’t mean that Giobbi doesn’t have a long wish list of items she’d love to add to the space. For example, she’s […]

Italy is in a complete nationwide lockdown over the coronavirus. Here are the rules all 60 million citizens now have to follow.

Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte put the country’s entire population under strict lockdown from Tuesday onwards after the country’s infections zoomed past 9,100 on Monday. The country’s 60 million citizens now face numerous restrictions that affect all aspects of life, including retail, leisure, worship, imprisonment, and travel. Some travel is allowed with police permission, and […]

5 big tech companies making remote-work tools free during the coronavirus outbreak, including Google and Microsoft

Working from home is becoming more than a trend as companies tried to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Five tech companies are making virtual communication tools free for small business: Microsoft, Google, LogMeIn, Cisco, and Zoom. All of the tools they are offering are at least free for the next three months, if not longer. […]