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ESPERANZA (Vídeo Motivacional) – El Mensaje de MOTIVACIÓN Personal, OPTIMISMO y FE que Cambiará TODO

Este vídeo motivacional tiene por objeto hablar de la esperanza: el sustrato de la motivación personal, el nutrimento del que se alimenta la vitalidad, la garra y el ímpetu de un pobre humano que sólo quiere progresar de una vez por todas. Sin embargo, lejos de ser considerada como un vehículo dinámico, adaptativo y útil, […]

Executives and Boards, Avoid These Missteps in a Crisis

Executive Summary Executive teams and boards of directors are facing unprecedented challenges as they simultaneously contend with the immediate pandemic crisis and try to plan for the uncertain world that it is creating. In such high-anxiety situations, executives and directors often fall into three traps: They settle for existing remedies, defer to the leader, and […]

The White House appears to have silenced the surgeon general for his remarks on racial disparities in the coronavirus outbreak, as data shows black communities are being hardest hit

The White House appears to have silenced Surgeon General Jerome Adams after he publicly remarked on how the coronavirus pandemic is impacting minority groups in the US. Adams hasn’t attended a press briefing since April 10, when he made controversial remarks suggesting that minority communities were engaging in risky behaviors that might make them more […]

Using Maslow’s Hierarchy to Reach Out to Customers – Business Administration Information

In a nutshell: A well-known psychological theory of human motivation can help marketers focus their advertising messages. In 1943, Abraham Maslow published a theory on human motivation that has been debated and used in psychology and marketing ever since. Maslow – a psychology professor then teaching at Brooklyn College – developed a five-tier system to illustrate […]