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When Bitcoin Drops I Will Buy! Bitcoin Whales Have Been In HEAVY ACCUMULATION For Over 2 Years! 🐳

Bitcoin Whales (addresses with OVER 1,000 Bitcoin OR MORE) Have Been In HEAVY ACCUMULATION Over The Past 2 Years. 🐳🐳🐳 Historically this has been very BULLISH! Watch the whole video for THE BEST cryptocurrency news online. This is THE BEST bitcoin news on the US. You will learn more about cryptocurrency online TODAY than ever […]

Are 1000% Coin Pumps Still Possible!? Yes! Look to DeFi!!

The sought after 1000% crypto coin pumps…are they still possible in the markets!? Yes! You gotta look to the DeFi cryptocurrencies, building the financial tools of tomorrow with big enterprise connections. Are there still some projects hiding in plain sight? Chico crypto thinks there might be a few… 👌Subscribe to The Chico Channel– 📺Watch These […]