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Success is an over-rated syndrome | Kirat Damani | TEDxIIMSirmaur

Mr. Kirat Damani told the story of his journey of being a cricketer, a solicitor, recovering from an autoimmune disease, to what he is now. He professed that relating happiness to success is irrelevant and that we derive joy and peace in perpetuity through what we do. Mr. Kirat Damani is the Managing Partner of […]

How Work from Home is Pushing the Boundaries of Privacy Again

With more people working from home, business and personal lives are getting merged more than ever. This trend is also pushing the boundaries of what level of privacy can be expected by employees and consumers in this new work environment. On the Small Business Radio Show this week, Zoho’s Chief Evangelist, Raju Vegesna discusses how […]

3 Scenarios for How the Pandemic Could Change U.S. Health Care

Executive Summary There are three scenarios for how the pandemic in the United States will unfold. A dream case in which everything goes as well as could reasonably be expected. A catastrophic case in which everything goes badly. And a middle case in which some things go well, but others don’t. But all scenarios would […]

Do the U.S.’s Big Four Tech Companies Have a Vision for the Future?

Executive Summary Congress is wrapping up it’s anti-trust investigation, and has called the CEOs of Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google to testify. The most important question these CEOs should be asked, however, is “What is your vision for the future?” Will they make a collective dent in our society’s most pressing problems, or merely pursue growth […]