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Motivacion para Superar los Desafios de la Vida

Motivacion para Superar los Desafios de la Vida y los Tiempos Dificiles 🔴URGENTE: Recibe cada Semana Nuevos Videos Suscribete ➤ásconocimiento ✅✅ LIKE 👍 COMENTA 💬COMPARTE 🎁 Muchas Gracias por Ayudarnos a Continuar ➤ ➤ HA LLEGADO LA HORA DE HACER TUS SUEÑOS REALIDAD.- #ConocimientoparaTodos, #Motivación LIKE 👍 COMENTA 💬COMPARTE 🎁 ====================================================== 🎤 Presentador […]

Turkey: Haftar ‘aims to create military dictatorship’ in Libya – Al Jazeera English

Turkey has accused Libya’s eastern-based military commander Khalifa Haftar of seeking to “create a military dictatorship” and vowed to “defend” the government in the capital Tripoli. Haftar’s withdrawal from a landmark 2015 United Nations-brokered agreement to unite the country – which Haftar termed “a thing of the past” on Monday – showed his true intentions, Turkey’s […]

Erdogan’s Turkey is an authoritarian dictatorship and regime, says German think-tank – Greek City Times

Turkey, an authoritarian country? Well that is seemingly obvious to anyone. Nonetheless, German think–tank Bertelsmann Stiftung, that has connections to the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has highlighted this obvious fact for the first time by classifying Turkey as an authoritarian country in its biennial Transformation Index report. Bertelsmann Stiftung did not shy away from calling […]