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Green Brexit? | Dr. Callum Barrell | TEDxNCHLondon

In his TEDxNCHLondon talk, Dr. Callum Barrell explores the political implications of Brexit on the possibility of a green future in the UK. This talk was given in the uncertain context of the COVID-19 crisis, making the issues addressed more urgent and yet less clear. Callum advises activists on how Brexit can be understood by […]

Destigmatizing Disability | Preethi Srinivasan | [email protected]

Do we treat everyone equally, regardless of their ‘popularity’? Do we manage to ensure we don’t make spontaneous judgements about people, without knowing the essence of who they are? Sadly, it seems that society constantly degrades those who don’t conform to it’s norms. Preethi Srinivasan, the founder of the SoulFree trust is a change maker, […]

Belarus election: How a homemaker took on Europe’s longest-serving dictator –

One of Europe’s last remaining dictators held onto power after facing his greatest political challenge in decades — and rigged an election to do so. Alexander Lukashenko has served as Belarus’s president since 1994, when he won the presidency in the country’s last national democratic election since gaining independence from the Soviet Union. That’s because […]