The Future of AI-Driven Customer Service

Artificial intelligence is a technology that has already transformed how consumers interact with their home devices, with brands, even with their cars. It has shown benefits both for companies and customers, but what’s next for virtual agents and their kin?

In this webinar, P.V. Kannan, coauthor of “The Future of Customer Service Is AI-Human Collaboration,” discusses how virtual agents are proving themselves as a technology and the ways AI-driven customer service will empower contact center agents to provide great customer experiences.

DONDE ESTA DIOS ?? (Quien o que es Dios)

DONDE ESTA DIOS ?? (Quien o que es Dios)

DONDE ESTA DIOS? es una de las mas grandes preguntas en tiempos de crisis [Quien o que es Dios]

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B2B Marketing News: The B2B Categories Rising During Crisis, New Search Traffic Data, B2B Marketplaces See Growth, & Google’s New Ad Features

2020 April 24 MarketingCharts Chart

10 B2B Tech Categories Gaining Interest Because of COVID-19
Telemedicine, electronic signature, online conferencing, and mobile app development were the most swiftly-rising B2B technology software categories, according to recently-released report data, showing rises of as much as 613 percent since the global health crisis began. MarketingProfs

Magnifying the Massive Growth of B2B Marketplaces
87 percent of B2B buyers and 97 percent of millennial B2B buyers purchase through online marketplaces, according to recently-released report data, also showing that millennials have preferred review websites and web search as top pre-purchase research resources. G2

Exclusive: Mary Meeker’s coronavirus trends report
Mary Meeker, publisher of the Internet trends report since 1995, recently released a special coronavirus trends update, which found that on-demand platforms and online marketplaces have been seeing big numbers and high growth, among other items of interest to B2B marketers. Axios

LinkedIn Is Working on Polls and a New Hashtag ‘Presentation Mode
Microsoft-owned LinkedIn (client) has been testing poll and hashtag presentation mode features, items that could eventually become part of the professional social network for its 675+ million members. Social Media Today

Marketing Benchmarks and Trends Overview: The Surprising Impact of COVID-19 on Organic Search Traffic
Some 63 percent of marketers said that they are increasing their focus on SEO due to the ongoing global health crisis, while organic search traffic for overall B2B industries grew by 11 percent during the first quarter of 2020, according to new survey data of interest to digital marketers. Skyword

How Different Generations of Consumers Use Social Media [Infographic]
Gen Z is most likely to use Instagram to follow brands, while millennials and Gen X prefer Facebook, according to recently-released business and consumer survey data, which also showed that when it came to making purchasing decisions, YouTube was the leading social media platform for members of all three demographics. Social Media Today

2020 April 24 Statistics Image

Millennials, Gen Z Want Distraction—and Action—From Brands During Crisis
During the pandemic, baby boomers say that they want brands to support their employees and donate to the needy, while younger generations say they are paying more attention to how brands are advertising, according to recently-released survey data. Adweek

Facebook Is Testing Longer-Lasting Stories, With an Option to Keep Stories Active for 3 Days
Facebook has been testing an option that allows ephemeral stories to extend their traditional publishing lifespan from 24-hour to three days, a feature that could eventually attract more brands to Facebook Stories. Social Media Today

Google Ads Data Hub testing audience lists for display campaigns, adding new features
Google has begun testing an array of new features within its Google Ads Data Hub — changes that could bring marketers the ability to work with same-day impression data, new sand-boxing options, and more, the search giant recently announced. Marketing Land

Strength in Customer Journey Mapping A Distinguishing Factor for B2B CX Leaders
Mapping out customer journeys to learn key touch-points is the primary characteristic of B2B marketing customer experience (CX) leaders, according to newly-released survey data, followed by collecting and acting on Net Promoter Scores. MarketingCharts


2020 April 24 Marketoonist Comic

A lighthearted look at urgency without clarity on digital transformation by Marketoonist Tom Fishburne — Marketoonist

Facebook Employee Wastes Whole Day on Facebook Again — The Hard Times


  • Lee Odden — Why Personal Branding Is More Important Than Ever For The C-Suite — Forbes
  • Lee Odden — 28 Social Media Experts to Learn From (Listed by Platform and Skill) — Social Agency Scout
  • Joshua Nite — 10 Tips for Changing Business Strategies During Times of Crisis — Small Business Trends
  • Lee Odden — Up next on Live with Search Engine Land: Content marketing during COVID-19 — Search Engine Land

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How To Create Content For Social Media As A Coach

How To Create Content For Social Media As A Coach

How to create content for social media as a coach and increase your reach, impact, and ultimately – your coaching business! Social media is a great platform for reaching new and potential clients when you do it right. Follow these content creation hacks to create consistent content for your social media platforms.

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Uno de los secretos de las personas exitosas, es cultivar el optimismo. Cuando una actitud optimista se incorpora en la manera de pensar y actuar, las consecuencias son que a su al rededor todo se adecúa de alguna manera para retribuirle.

Pero… que es el optimismo? y cual es su poder oculto?

El optimismo es un término algo saturado, y en ocasiones, malinterpretado. Se trata de un sistema filosófico que no permite visualizar posibles resultados negativos en cualquier emprendimiento, sólo se ve el mundo desde sus aspectos más favorables.

Se trata de llevar en sí mismos la certeza de que los objetivos y metas pueden ser logrados.

El optimismo crece en cada uno de nosotros, se cultiva y crece basado en la voluntad y en la habilidad de cada uno a hacerse el sordo ante las palabras detractoras.

El optimismo implica llevar en sí una fuerza superior a lo consciente, que llena de seguridad al individuo al imaginar que es posible lograr cualquier empeño por difícil que sea.

Cuando se actúa con optimismo es menos probable que alguien nos detenga en nuestro camino, pues tenemos las metas claras y una gran autoconfianza.

El poder oculto del optimismo es principalmente la cualidad de brindar mayor probabilidad de éxito a quien lo practica, pues justamente se va en contra de la predisposición al fracaso. El optimista gana incluso cuando pierde, sabe aprovechar las situaciones al máximo y conoce bien que los resultados que le trae la vida ante la diferentes vivencias sólo pueden ser beneficios.

En contraste hay quienes son pesimistas, aquellas personas que todo les sale mal, que el mundo les queda grande, cualquier objetivo o meta es inalcanzable bajo su perspectiva. Es su misma actitud la que los llena de incapacidad para lograr conseguir lo que se proponen.

Hoy quisiera recomendarte hacer del optimismo un hábito para tu vida, pues como bien te has dado cuenta, son muchas las ventajas y ninguna desventaja. El optimismo no es tanto una fe ciega en que todo nos va a salir bien sin hacer nada por ello. Es el valor para afrontar diferentes situaciones problemáticas, y la certeza de salir bien librado, es simplemente un componente más que debes adquirir si quieres lograr tus objetivos y metas y ser una persona exitosa!

Hasta la próxima!

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