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How to Fight Discrimination in AI

Executive Summary Ensuring that your AI algorithm doesn’t unintentionally discriminate against particular groups is a complex undertaking. What makes it so difficult in practice is that it is often extremely challenging to truly remove all proxies for protected classes. Determining what constitutes unintentional discrimination at a statistical level is also far from straightforward. So what should companies […]

The Pandemic is Motivating 96% of New Entrepreneurs in 2020

Ninety-six percent of new entrepreneurs say the pandemic is motivating or giving them the motivation they needed to start their own business. This positive statistic comes from Azlo, a banking platform for small business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. In mid-March 2020, Azlo witnessed an uptick in new accounts opening. Wanting to understand the reasons behind […]

Cryptocurrency Markets Crash as Coinbase, Binance Suffer Issues – Decrypt

The vast majority of cryptocurrency markets have just crashed and both Coinbase and Binance are experiencing issues with their services. After reaching a peak market capitalization of over $406 billion last night, the cryptocurrency market entered into a slight downtrend, which picked up significant momentum just hours ago. Now, the total market capitalization of all […]