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Yearly Archives: 2020

1 in 3 Employees Believe Their Company’s Cybersecurity is a Moderate or Major Problem

With 1 in 3 employees believing the cybersecurity of their company is a moderate or major problem, decision-makers must do more to reassure them. Especially since remote work is now a big part of the workplace. And as more people work from home, digital security will become even more important for employees. According to a […]

Agile business transformation: what it takes to succeed | Joe Justice | TEDxSeattleSalon

Learn how many of the most successful companies are implementing an agile mindset and framework and achieving excellent results. For companies that are exploring agile, beginning their transformation, and for those that are agile native, see how this approach can outperform other management and employee engagement strategies. How is it that this method includes more […]

Please Don’t Look Away Anymore | Gill Sotu & Lee Coulter | TEDxSanDiego

In this spoken word/acoustic collaboration, Lee Coulter and Gill Sotu creatively explore what it means to build a better union and address our collective responsibility to future generations to do so. Please don’t "Look Away" anymore. Shot by Arielle Moscow in San Diego County with one handeld camera. Gill Sotu, a navy veteran, multi-faceted poet, […]