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Three Ways to Improve Retention on Your Team

Guest post from Hilary Grosskopf: Managing a team can sometimes feels more like managing a revolving door. When retention is poor, leaders spend valuable time interviewing and training rather than making progress. For organizations, attrition is an expensive issue that takes money away from impactful progress, innovation, employee benefits, and enjoyable team activities. Intelligent hiring […]

Say ‘Salud’ To Puerto Rico’s Favorite Boozy Holiday Beverage – Forbes

Undated — Chef Hector Torres’ recipe was used to make this coquito, Puerto Rico’s traditional … [+] holiday season rum punch. Torres is Spectra executive chef at Exploria Stadium. Spectra 12/24/19: UPDATED to include Cape May Brewing’s Coquito beer. Every year around this time, my friend Christopher Jones starts begging for coquito, Puerto Rico’s traditional […]

Maslow didn’t make the pyramid that changed management history – Quartz

Depending on your life experiences, you may think one of two ways about Maslow’s pyramid of needs. You might believe what I did before reporting this story: That the rainbow-colored pyramid, perhaps first seared into memory in grade school, organizes truths about what motivates people. First, we satisfy our “lower level” needs, like basic nourishment […]