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Yearly Archives: 2020

Reader Mode Pro makes web reading a pleasure again with custom features. It’s also 60% off.

TLDR: Reader Mode Pro cleans up website clutter, leaving the text you want your way. And right now, it’s $9.99. Web advertising is the lifeblood of digital commerce. It’s also amazingly annoying if you’re just trying to read an article.  Between ads along all edges of your text, links scattered throughout and pop-ups springing up […]

Cisco certification is getting simpler and this $39 training is now all you need.

TLDR: The Complete 2020 Cisco CCNA Certification Prep Course is a one-stop training resource for the new CCNA certification test — and it’s only $39. If you didn’t catch this during the crush of your holiday activities, Cisco delighted IT professionals of all types by announcing they’re streamlining their certifications. Starting in February, their new […]

NOSTALGIA (Vídeo de Motivación y Superación Personal) – Mensaje MOTIVADOR Para Dejar ATRÁS el PASADO

Este vídeo de motivación y superación personal tiene por objeto tratar el tema de la nostalgia desde un punto de vista psicológico. El autor proporcionará las herramientas adecuadas para dejar atrás el pasado e impedir que el recuerdo te absorba en una espiral autodestructiva. ¿Estás preparado para enfrentarte al canto de la sirena? 🎙️Apoya el […]