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Venezuela pasó a ser el país de mayor censura en el mundo

La Guerra de Chavez Contra Comunicadores Sociales y Medios en el 2005 Hasta octubre de ese año hubo 71 ataques a los medios y 27 agresiones a periodistas. La dictadura se hizo de otras emisoras radiales de particulares para consolidar su hegemonía comunicacional. El dictador Hugo Chavez no sólo agredió verbalmente a los medios independientes venezolanos sino también […]

The foundation of Princeton and Columbia Universities was financed by lotteries

Why you must Play the Lottery by Juan Rodulfo When talking about lottery we will find different approaches and depending on how we were raised we will have the conservative one: “Lottery is for losers” or the affirmative one: “Who plays the Lottery deserves to win”. Both may have the truth on their side, but […]

The Economist Asks – What makes a dictator? | Podcasts – The Economist

This week we speak to Frank Dikötter, a professor at the university of Hong Kong and author of “How to be a dictator” Economist RadioPodcasts THE 20TH CENTURY has become known as the “age of dictatorship”, for the horrors perpetrated by Hitler, Stalin, Mao and other despots from Chile to Cambodia. Anne McElvoy asks Frank […]