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Digital Marketing News: Google Rejiggers Results Design, Instagram’s Brand Mentions Feature, Octi AR Social Network, & CX Gets More Budget

Google Search Console launches new removals toolGoogle has rolled out three sizable changes to its widely-used Search Console, including the ability to temporarily hide URLs, new filtering insights, and information on outdated content, the search giant recently announced. Search Engine Land [embedded content] Instagram Is Adding a New Way to Find and Share Stories that […]

Break Free B2B Series: Margaret Magnarelli on the Psychology of Trust for Better Content Marketing

Trust in marketing—how to build it and how to wield it for good—needs to be top of mind for every modern marketer. Why? Because nearly every decision people make, especially when it comes to purchasing decisions, has an element of trust built in. And content marketers have the opportunity to become trusty guides. “No one […]

Pagico 9 brings all your tasks and files together to simplify your life. And it’s only $25. 

TLDR: Pagico 9 is the smart, intuitive task management system that goes beyond a to-do list — and it’s 50% off. Toni Morrison liked to get up and start writing before dawn. Meanwhile, Winston Churchill seldom got out of bed before 11 a.m., preferring to do the majority of his work during late-night hours.   The […]

How scientists discovered a math equation in rat whiskers

Rats have up to 70 whiskers on their faces, varying hugely in size, and shape. Almost every mammal possesses whiskers, but these rodents are what we call “whisker specialists,” meaning they have super-sensitive, moveable hairs that they use to explore and sense their surroundings. Rat whiskers can vary hugely. In our recent research, my colleagues […]

ROSALÍA – La resiliente (Historias de Superación Personal y Motivación) – Biografía Con ALTURA

Rosalía es una de las jóvenes sensaciones del pop internacional. En el segundo capítulo de "historias de superación personal", hablamos en profundidad de los secretos que joven catalana guarda bajo su arsenal. Desde un rechazo en un programa televisivo hasta una operación de las cuerdas vocales y apuros económicos rodean a esta mujer. ¿Estás preparado […]