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Does Your Culture Affect Your Motivation to Be Kind? – Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley

When you perform an act of kindness for someone, what’s your motivation? Do you think about how it will make the beneficiary feel, or how it will make you feel—or maybe you don’t think about the benefits at all? The answer might depend on what culture you belong to, hypothesized the researchers behind a new […]

Start A Learning Revolution. Throw Out the Gradebook. | Matt Brisbin | TEDxMcMinnville

Matt Brisbin has been a teacher at McMinnville High School in McMinnville, Oregon for fourteen years. In 2018, he decided to fundamentally change the way he used grades in the classroom: he threw them out altogether. Matt Brisbin has worked for the last fourteen years as an English teacher at McMinnville High School in McMinnville, […]

Extinction: Death and Memory | Dr. Leonard Finkelman | TEDxMcMinnville

With a Ph.D. in Philosophy of Biology, Leonard Finkelman sees extinction as more than a species disappearing. Taking a look at recent reports and ice age extinctions, Leonard’s talk at TEDxMcMinnville redefines extinction and how we should be reacting. Leonard Finkelman is an assistant professor of Philosophy at Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon. He received […]

Jordan Peterson | “TRY IT For 1 Month” (powerful stuff)

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