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Stop Persuading and Start Changing Minds: Read The Catalyst

Usefulness Content Freshness The best way to change someone’s mind is to stop persuading them and remove the barriers that have stopped them so far. The Catalyst outlines the 5 most common barriers that keep people stuck and how to overcome them. The Catalyst I was hooked as soon as I heard Jonah Berger had […]

Don’t Hide Bad News in Times of Crisis

Executive Summary The instinct during a crisis is to suppress bad news — something that Chinese and, to a degree, the U.S. governments have done during the coronavirus epidemic. But leaders must recognize that speaking up early and often is vitally important during a fast-moving crisis. Taking the reputational hit today from the release of bad […]

Networking Doesn’t Have to Be Self-Serving

Nicholas Rigg/Getty Images Successful leaders who shift their attention to tackling big, societal problems can be overwhelmed by how little control they actually have. But, by using network-building and collaboration skills, they can navigate a path to successful innovation and transformational change.  Here are the stories of three such efforts and the six essential lessons […]

Perseverance, Patience and Passion

Guest post by Riccardo Pozzoli: Visionary enthusiasm must be balanced by a good dose of reality, because at the beginning it is important to proceed carefully. Setting a target that is not too easily achievable can provide the impetus to secure a great result. When you start from scratch with a new idea, you have […]