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Yearly Archives: 2020

Brands can save American lives during the coronavirus crisis by running ads next to news coverage of the pandemic

David Cohen is president of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, a trade group for more than 650 leading media companies, brands, and the technology firms. He previously was president of Interpublic Group’s Magna, where he executed large global transactions for the ad holding company giant and its clients, including Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Spotify, Twitter, and Verizon […]

12 Essential Insights for Managing Teams

For decades, researchers have published findings around leadership and team building in MIT Sloan Management Review. This collection offers a dozen of our most popular articles on managing teams. Ally MacDonald March 24, 2020Reading Time: 3 min  subscribe-iconSubscribe Share Teamwork doesn’t just happen — good teams require good leaders who have vision and practiced skills. […]

Holistic Coaching Techniques Demonstration (& How To Use Them) | Margaret Moore

Holistic coaching techniques demonstration by expert coach Margaret Moore and how you can apply them in your coaching sessions. Ready to dive deeper? Margaret reveals the 5 Fundamentals of Holistic Coaching in this latest Free Masterclass. Secure your spot here: Which holistic coaching technique are you most eager to try out with your coaching […]

How Do We Save Over 2 Million Lives With Minimal Resources 如何以最少資源拯救200萬條生命 | Tim Gorski | TEDxNeihu

Tim Gorski is an investigative filmmaker, journalist, and wildlife expert. Tim will be sparking our imagination and trying to shift our paradigm on how we rescue animals. His mission is to create humane solutions to deal with animal overpopulation in our modern world. Tim Gorski is an investigative filmmaker, journalist, and wildlife expert. Tim will […]