Salud Continues 3rd Anniversary Celebration w/ Smoked Prime Rib – Lacamas Magazine

Salud Wine Bar continues their third anniversary celebration this week by holding over the Pasta special, due to high demand. Also what’s a better celebratory smoked meat than Prime Rib? Wait until you try Tony’s special twist.

Please make reservations: or call 360-787-2583.

Following are this week’s (August 10th) Dining Specials at Salud: (Full Menu always available as well Wednesday through Saturday)

Each Dish is Available for Take Out/To GO.

Italian Dining Special – Served Wednesday thru Saturday while supplies last:

Penne alla Vodka – A fantastic and authentic Italian cuisine that I (Tony) love!. Like its name suggests, this is a pasta dish made with Vodka and Penne pasta. It is prepared with Garlic, Prosciutto, Tomatoes, and finished with my own Vodka/Cream/Parmesan Sauce. .Accompanied with our Salud Side Salad and House made Bread $15.00

Saturday Smoked Meat (served Saturday while supplies last):

This Saturday, Salud will be serving their wonderful, juicy, Prime Rib. First, they take the Roast and deep season it with fresh roasted garlic and rosemary. They then coat and rub with celery salt and pepper, and then it’s smoked for hours with a sweet cherry mesquite wood mix, smoked to a nice medium rare to hold all the juices in. Meal is served with Roasted Baby Potatoes and Mini Carrots, House made Au Jus, and for a kick, horseradish. Meal also comes with the Salud Side Salad and House made Bread. All this for $25.00 – You may want to get reservations in ASAP, when it’s sold out, it’s sold out.

Don’t forget, they ALWAYS have Wine Specials each week!!

Reservations are recommended for any of these specials. Please let them know when making reservations if you’d like one of these specials and which one.

Lastly, Please help us by practicing proper CDC guidelines. Salud asks that you please wear a mask into our establishment, and wear it anytime you aren’t seated. Also please use hand sanitizer and practice proper social distancing.


Penne Alla Vodka

Invest 3% in Bitcoin to Avoid COVID-19 Lockdown Devaluation — BitGo CEO

Coronavirus lockdowns will force people out of fiat currency and into gold and Bitcoin (BTC), the CEO of cryptocurrency asset manager BitGo has warned.

In a series of tweets on Aug. 12, Mike Belshe strongly urged investors to divert a minimum of 3% of their portfolio into Bitcoin.

Belshe: investors will move from cash to gold, Bitcoin

As multiple jurisdictions around the world reenter compulsory lockdown conditions, Belshe said that in the United States, the government had made a prison for itself using the policy.

“The government is being forced to maintain lockdowns for political correctness, which will force them to print money even faster. Institutional investors are flagging this and recognize the devaluation will make cash hard to hold,” he wrote. 

Those institutions hit the headlines conspicuously this week, when billion-dollar corporation MicroStrategy confirmed it had adopted Bitcoin as its treasury reserve asset.

A $250 million buy-in cemented the sense of change, with CEO Michael Saylor highlighting Bitcoin’s unique properties as money.

“They’re looking for alternatives, and it… comes down to Bitcoin and gold,” Belshe continued.  

“If you don’t have some Bitcoin now, it is time to put at least 3% of your net worth into Bitcoin. This is the lowest risk, highest asymmetric upside investment you will likely see in your lifetime. Or stop the lockdown. But still get Bitcoin.”

2020 macro asset returns comparison as of Aug. 12

2020 macro asset returns comparison as of Aug. 12. Source: Skew

Hard money not inflationary paper

As Cointelegraph reported, the premise behind lockdowns has come under heavy criticism from Bitcoin supporters. 

In particular, “The Bitcoin Standard” author Saifedean Ammous has lambasted the measure as being far more detrimental to the population of a country in the long term than Coronavirus.

The criticism follows on from that contained in Ammous’ book and others critical of economic policy based on spending and borrowing, such as Henry Hazlitt’s “Economics in One Lesson.”

A clear relationship between inflationary fiat currency and reduced prosperity means that Bitcoin is the only genuine solution for those who wish to save for the future.

This week, the message became all the more clear as data showed correlation between Bitcoin price action and expanding central bank balance sheets.

Cointelegraph Launches Newsletter for Professional Investors

Every 1st and 15th, Cointelegraph Consulting provides the latest inside scoop on cryptocurrency price action and rationale in its Market Insights newsletter. Here’s a preview of one of this month’s editions. 

Editor’s note

Crypto asset prices have flown upward in recent weeks, with various altcoins posting gains reminiscent of the great 2017 digital asset bubble. Assets such as Chainlink (LINK) and Band Protocol (BAND) have tallied triple digits percentage gains. 

Bitcoin (BTC), the industry’s pioneer asset, has also shown significant upside action. The asset travelled up slightly past $12,000 on Aug. 2 before subsequently falling more than $1,000 in the same 24-hour period. Aug. 10 saw BTC return to the $12,000 level, again facing rejection, sustaining a subsequent drop of several hundred dollars. Overall sentiment in the crypto investing and trading realm, however, remains high. 

Mainstream financial players also continue entering the digital asset industry via Bitcoin, with intelligence giant MicroStrategy as one of the latest entrants. Buying over 21,000 BTC, the firm has adopted the coin as its reserve asset.  

Benjamin Pirus, Reporter

Insights from around the digital asset sphere

Bitcoin whales may have sold some of their stockpiles. Recent data shows only 15,912 Bitcoin addresses holding 100 or more BTC — the lowest number in five years. Such network data implies large Bitcoin participants may be selling instead of accumulating. 

In terms of sentiment, however, crypto’s inaugural asset shows a major turnaround from the bearishness seen previously. Over the last two weeks, the market has expressed a significant bullish tone, topping at 1.2 standard deviations during Bitcoin’s most recent run toward $12,000. 

Data also shows an uptick in the number of dollars moving onto centralized exchanges via U.S. dollar stablecoin USDC — a signal which has often proved as a precursor to previous bullish Bitcoin price action. 

In contrast, Bitcoin’s Market Value to Realized Value, or MVRV, ratio looks troublesome, posting a 30-day value of 1.15 on August 2. This essentially means short-term Bitcoin investors boasted an average 15% profit across the board. 

On a separate front, Ethereum holds hot on Bitcoin’s tail in terms of transaction volume. Bitcoin now touts 3.4x the transaction volume seen on Ethereum’s blockchain, a dwindling lead, according to numbers from the beginning of August. 

Read the full newsletter edition here to get the entire scoop, complete with charts and images. 

Cointelegraph’s Market Insights Newsletter strives to share our knowledge on the fundamentals that move the digital asset market. With market intelligence from one of the industry’s leading analytics providers, Santiment, the newsletter dives into the latest data on social media sentiment, on-chain metrics, and derivatives. 

We also review the most important news hitting the industry including mergers and acquisitions, changes in the regulatory landscape, and enterprise blockchain integrations. Sign-up now to be the first to receive these insights.

Navigating the fake news world | Mina Soltangheis | TEDxChandigarh

Navigating the fake news world | Mina Soltangheis | TEDxChandigarh

Internet came with the promise of connecting humanity but it’s turning into an uncontrolled beast. With the rising fake news, it’s so easy to instigate people and create mass uprisings. How can we tackle this? Is it possible to separate facts from fiction? Mina Soltangheis has figured out the answer. She is a Computer Scientist and a creative technologist. With a focus on machine learning and human learning, Mina is passionate about exploring the intersection of humanity and technology. As a researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) and SFU SIAT (Canada), she built data-driven tools to understand how digital media shapes human behavior and choice.

She is the Chief Innovation Officer at Wondeur Ai, a Canada-based Artificial Intelligence company. As a leader of Research and Development and innovation, she is dedicated to evolving personalization strategy and developing data ecosystems that are both human-centric and ethical by design.

She applies machine learning and data visualization techniques to understand human behavior in digital games to support children’s learning process at scale. Her focus right now is to enable children to become critical thinkers so that they can thrive in the 21st century. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Green Brexit? | Dr. Callum Barrell | TEDxNCHLondon

Green Brexit? | Dr. Callum Barrell | TEDxNCHLondon

In his TEDxNCHLondon talk, Dr. Callum Barrell explores the political implications of Brexit on the possibility of a green future in the UK. This talk was given in the uncertain context of the COVID-19 crisis, making the issues addressed more urgent and yet less clear. Callum advises activists on how Brexit can be understood by its impact on green politics, and how we can mobilise towards ensuring a greener future post-Brexit. Dr. Callum Barrell is a lecturer in Politics and International Relations at the New College of the Humanities. His PhD focused on exploring the historiography in classical utilitarianism. His TEDx talk will focus on assessing the impact of Brexit on the UK’s environmental policies, and the talk is entitled, ‘Green Brexit?’. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at