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Salud Continues 3rd Anniversary Celebration w/ Smoked Prime Rib – Lacamas Magazine

Salud Wine Bar continues their third anniversary celebration this week by holding over the Pasta special, due to high demand. Also what’s a better celebratory smoked meat than Prime Rib? Wait until you try Tony’s special twist. Please make reservations: or call 360-787-2583. Following are this week’s (August 10th) Dining Specials at Salud: (Full […]

Cointelegraph Launches Newsletter for Professional Investors

Every 1st and 15th, Cointelegraph Consulting provides the latest inside scoop on cryptocurrency price action and rationale in its Market Insights newsletter. Here’s a preview of one of this month’s editions.  Editor’s note Crypto asset prices have flown upward in recent weeks, with various altcoins posting gains reminiscent of the great 2017 digital asset bubble. […]

Navigating the fake news world | Mina Soltangheis | TEDxChandigarh

Internet came with the promise of connecting humanity but it’s turning into an uncontrolled beast. With the rising fake news, it’s so easy to instigate people and create mass uprisings. How can we tackle this? Is it possible to separate facts from fiction? Mina Soltangheis has figured out the answer. She is a Computer Scientist […]

Green Brexit? | Dr. Callum Barrell | TEDxNCHLondon

In his TEDxNCHLondon talk, Dr. Callum Barrell explores the political implications of Brexit on the possibility of a green future in the UK. This talk was given in the uncertain context of the COVID-19 crisis, making the issues addressed more urgent and yet less clear. Callum advises activists on how Brexit can be understood by […]