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Yearly Archives: 2020

Modern Business Models Will Drive the Post-Pandemic World

Topics The AI & Machine Learning Imperative “The AI & Machine Learning Imperative” offers new insights from leading academics and practitioners in data science and artificial intelligence. The Executive Guide, published as a series over three weeks, explores how managers and companies can overcome challenges and identify opportunities by assembling the right talent, stepping up […]

Building a Vibrant Entrepreneurial Community In Your City

Many cities in the country complain about the lack of entrepreneurial activity in their community. They express disappointment that they are not more like entrepreneurial hubs in San Francisco, Austin or Boston. On the Small Business Radio Show this week, Brad Feld believes this is all wrong. He has been a leader in the startup […]

Don’t Cut Your Marketing Budget in a Recession

Executive Summary Companies tend to cut marketing in a recession.  But firms that maintain their marketing spend while reallocating it to suit the context – be it in product developing, advertising and communication, or pricing – typically fare better than firms that cut their marketing investment. Helen King/Getty Images Most companies reduce spending in recessions, […]