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‘Rap Against Dictatorship’ artist arrested in Thailand – Al Jazeera English

Dechathorn is the founder of the group Rap Against Dictatorship, which performed in several anti-government protests in recent weeks [Rap Against Dictatorship Instagram Account] A Thai rapper – whose anti-military government music has gone viral – has been arrested, according to a group of human rights lawyers, hours after police re-arrested prominent activist Arnon Nampa for […]

How to Get Employees to Report Their Covid-19 Risk

Executive Summary In order to limit the spread of Covid-19 in workplaces, managers must ensure that employees are comfortable disclosing their risk. A potential solution, is to implement “random rotation” policies in the workplace. Random rotation ensures that workers who report exposure maintain plausible deniability vis à vis coworkers and direct managers. An employee being […]

Why Do Your Employees Resist New Tech?

Executive Summary Due to several barriers, tech adoption at an organizational level is often slow or even nonexistent. Why is true tech adoption so difficult to achieve? Based on the authors’ experience working on these issues, they see five key actions business leaders can take to create a culture that will help drive better, more effective tech […]

GIVE YOUR ALL – Best Motivational Speech Video (Featuring Dr. Jessica Houston)

GIVE YOUR ALL! It’s time to pull yourself up, lift up your head, stand up and pursue your goals today, despite what is going on around you. Powerful new motivational speech and our FIRST release with Dr. Jessica Houston! "It is when you feel tired, frustrated and ready to throw in the towel that you […]