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Yearly Archives: 2020

What is mindfulness?

Beat stress and improve your creativity with the power of mindfulness. Yes, mindfulness is a hot topic these days. But what, exactly, is it? Find out in this quick introduction to mindful attention. So, what does mindfulness mean in real life? This video explores the meaning of mindfulness in positive psychology. Get a simple definition […]

How to be a “Better Me” by using charming language? | Simo Lyu | [email protected]

Language is a study of art. In our daily communication with people, have we ever thought about how the charming language shapes the image of leadership? How does language resonate with the speaker and the listener? How does language help people establish solid connections? As a well-known bilingual host, Simo never stops exploring the core […]

The power of Rediscovering Life After a Brain Tumor | Nathalie Jacos | TEDxIEMadrid

What are the odds that a 34-year-old woman, with an MBA from IE Business School, wakes up one day and can’t read, write, or add 2+2? That’s how Nathalie Jacob’s journey started 5 years ago. She shares her experience on how to reinvent yourself and find a new happiness and a new normal through resilience. […]

Living in our Power | Shiva Roofeh | TEDxIEMadrid

Far too often we give away our power by simply not acknowledging it. In her talk, Shiva Roofeh asks us to redefine power for ourselves so that we can start living in our power instead of giving it away. She shares how she was able to live into her power by taking control of her […]

How To Ask Remarkably Better Questions To Encourage Great Ideas

Guest post from Karin Hurt and David Dye: You’ve asked your team for their great ideas. You have an open door. You’re also committed to MBWA (or in today’s pandemic-constrained world, Management By Clicking Around- MBCA). But if you’re like most leaders in our Courageous Cultures research, you’re still not getting all the great ideas […]