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Don’t Cut Your Marketing Budget in a Recession

Executive Summary Companies tend to cut marketing in a recession.  But firms that maintain their marketing spend while reallocating it to suit the context – be it in product developing, advertising and communication, or pricing – typically fare better than firms that cut their marketing investment. Helen King/Getty Images Most companies reduce spending in recessions, […]

Cryptocurrency SURGING as Bitcoin Breakouts over $12,000…STILL SOARING! | Cryptocurrency News

Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, just surged over $12000, the highest bitcoin price since July 2019. Why is bitcoin price pumping in August 2020, and what does this mean for cryptocurrency investors?? Altcoin Daily has the latest bitcoin news today! We also discuss recent eos cryptocurrency news, ethereum 2.0, litecoin, TrustSwap, Yearn Finance crypto update, […]