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Perhaps you are normal | Trond Magne Hegglund | TEDxStavanger

Trond meets many patients who are confused about life, especially youngsters, who are confused about not being happy enough, perfect enough. Why ? the Hunter-Gatherer genes is at play ! Trond grew up by Haraldstøtta so close to the coast in Haugesund that love of the ocean came automatically. His playground was only interrupted by […]

Power is not given to you, you have to take it ! | Yrja Oftedal | TEDxStavanger

Yrja is a young entrepreneur and podcaster, and she always felt like a misfit, she could not find any role models or motivations in her own environment, then she found the startup communities, and went to Silicon Valley….. Yrja is an award-winning podcaster. With her podcast “Power Ladies”, she showcases women who stand out in […]