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How to build positive team dynamics

Toxic team dynamics? You can do something about it. All it takes is a basic understanding of team building. In this video, positive psychology trainer Eleanor Shakiba provides practical tips on teambuilding- particularly, how to build positive team dynamics. Hear a simple definition of team dynamics and an explanation of team dynamics theory. Then learn […]

Guide against greenwashing | Mathias Juell Johnsen | TEDxSkift

Businesses worldwide need a guide against greenwashing. Skift – Business Climate Leaders, together with Norwegian environmental organizations and activists, have developed 10 principles to help us tell the difference between greenwashing and responsible marketing. Mathias is the head of communication and politics in Skift – Business Climate Leaders, and has been running the initiative Guide […]

Qual é a sua mochila? | Milla Monteiro | TEDxSaoPaulo

Milla Monteiro fala sobre a importância de acreditar na sua verdade e viver com sentido. Em sua fala ela afirma que cada vida é um caminho inédito, que não existem fórmulas únicas para viver. Milla defende que devemos ter coragem de seguir nossa própria jornada porque o mais importante é conseguir responder para si mesmo: […]

Holding US | Sarah Foucher, Jamison Curcio & Laura Garrett | TEDxMC2School

Three dancers choreograph a collaborative piece to consider the essential questions "What does it mean to be held?" "Who is not held in society?" and "When is the last time you felt held?" Holding US Choreography/Movers/Video Memo Collectors/Videography: Kennedy Butterfield (she/her) Jamison Curcio (she/her) Sarah Foucher (she/her) Laura Elaine Garrett (she/her) Music: “Music for Weather […]

NO LIMITS – Powerful Motivational Speech Video (Featuring David Goggins)

99% of People Won’t Do This! (Must Watch!!) Subscribe for new videos every week: "When that alarm goes off at 4 or 5 in the morning, your mind says no, you say this is what we do. This is what we do now." – David Goggins Special thanks to London Real, subscribe to their […]