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Daily Archives: 2020-09-30 10:15:43

EL KIT KAIZEN (Masaaki Imai) – Filosofía Motivacional JAPONESA para la MEJORA CONTINUA a Largo Plazo

El kaizen (mejor conocido como la filosofía japonesa de la mejora continua incremental) esconde principios asombros que podemos aplicar en el día a día para mejorar nuestra vida. Descubre por qué autores como Masaaki Imai, Shigeo Shingo o Kaoru Ishikawa desmintieron el concepto "milagro japonés" y cómo las empresas de Japón utilizaron la estructura productiva […]

Proven Coaching Methodology To Coach Businesses (Works Every Time!)

Small and mid-sized businesses don’t have hours and hours available to spend on coaching. They need fast and effective results, which is why the coach-consultant approach is the right way to go if you want to create consistent results for your clients. Learn more about this coaching methodology here: KEY HIGHLIGHTS: 0:00 The 2.8 […]

5 Key Business Trends Today You Need To Know About

The world has changed and so has business. There are 5 key business trends shaping the world today and businesses need support navigating the change. Discover the proven coach-consultant methodology to start coaching small and mid-sized businesses right away: Key Highlights: 0:00 The New Business Reality 2:49 Business Trend #1 4:37 Business Trend #2 […]