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Daily Archives: 2020-09-08 16:57:22

How Boards Can Plan for the Disasters That No One Wants to Think About

Executive Summary While some have described the Covid-19 pandemic as a black swan event, in reality it should be treated as a “black elephant” — a cross between a black swan event and the elephant in the room. From climate change to cybersecurity, there are plenty of other visible, looming black elephant events that companies […]

Do You Have the Right Sales Channels for a Downturn?

Executive Summary Manufactures that sell their products through channels (such as retailers or value added resellers) must rethink strategy as the recession continues. They may need to rethink the mix of revenues they seek from different channels, the partners they use in each channel, and the incentives and commissions used to drive sales in a […]

1 in 3 Employees Believe Their Company’s Cybersecurity is a Moderate or Major Problem

With 1 in 3 employees believing the cybersecurity of their company is a moderate or major problem, decision-makers must do more to reassure them. Especially since remote work is now a big part of the workplace. And as more people work from home, digital security will become even more important for employees. According to a […]