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Daily Archives: 2020-01-05 15:03:25

Say ‘Salud’ To Puerto Rico’s Favorite Boozy Holiday Beverage – Forbes

Undated — Chef Hector Torres’ recipe was used to make this coquito, Puerto Rico’s traditional … [+] holiday season rum punch. Torres is Spectra executive chef at Exploria Stadium. Spectra 12/24/19: UPDATED to include Cape May Brewing’s Coquito beer. Every year around this time, my friend Christopher Jones starts begging for coquito, Puerto Rico’s traditional […]

Maslow didn’t make the pyramid that changed management history – Quartz

Depending on your life experiences, you may think one of two ways about Maslow’s pyramid of needs. You might believe what I did before reporting this story: That the rainbow-colored pyramid, perhaps first seared into memory in grade school, organizes truths about what motivates people. First, we satisfy our “lower level” needs, like basic nourishment […]